WhatsMonitor to track whatsapp Usage

WhatsApp is a chat application for latest generation mobile phones, called smartphones . It allows the sending of text messages through its users. Its operation is identical to that of the most common instant messaging programs for computers. So for tracking usage of Whatsapp of your friends or family, WhatsMonitor helps you.

What is WhatsMonitor

The identification of each user is their mobile phone number. Just know the number of someone to have it in the contact list. It is essential that both the sender and the recipient have this application installed on their phone.

In order to use WhatsApp you have to contract a mobile internet service. Messages are sent through the network to the destination telephone.

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WhatsMonitor is a tool to monitor the way your family members are using Whatsapp. This app will tell you how many times, for how long and at what time your child is talking on Whatsapp with up to the second precision. It works even if your kid is not showing his last seen or if he or she blocks you.

How to use WhatsMonitor

To start with tracking, its just simple. You can download its supported android application from the link given and download. As it is an external file, it need to enable your phone to install from unknown source.

Steps to Install WhatsMonitor

  1. Open the device settings and go to the “Security” section.
  2. Find the item “Unknown sources” and check the box opposite to it.
  3. Using any file manager, find the apk installation file that you downloaded and click on it.
  4. Review the list of permissions requested by the application and confirm your agreement. If at this stage a dialog box appears that suggests sending information about installed programs to Google, you can close it by pressing any button.

We do not recommend installing programs from untrusted sources in this way. Be sure to pay attention to the permissions that the programs request, especially when it comes to paid services (calls, SMS).

All you have to do is enter the phone number of your contact and you can track it’s Whatsapp activity.


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