OOPS! Applock

Oops! application locker does not use any on screen password ie. pin based or a pattern based locking system.

We use volume key pattern as the password. You can make any pattern using volume keys, like UP UP DOWN UP.

  • – Oops Applock is Totally invisible.
  • – Oops Applock ScreenLock is most safest screenlock.
  • Using Oops Applock ScreenLock nobody can unlock your phone.¬†
  • – Using Oops Applock ScreenLock nobody even notice phone is locked.
  • Oops Applock ScreenLock has different styles to choose.
  • Oops Applock is Most secure way to lock apps.
  • Nobody even notice your app is locked with Oops Applock.
  • Oops Applock is Simple.
  • Oops Applock is Fun to use.
  • Oops Applock can lock any applications.
  • You can set different background for lock screen on every locked App with Oops Applock.
  • – Transparent and Black background makes as if your application is stuck.
  • – Fool friends with custom backgrounds using Oops Applock.

Tip- While choosing custom background, make sure it matches with your screen size to avoid clarity of the image.

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