Krip K55 with Dash – Kripto Mobile Review

A few days ago in an interview I did with Andrea Coll from Kripto Mobile I received a unit from Krip K55 , the first smartphone that brings the brand to Venezuela , the first country to have it in Latin America.

This is an opportunity to try a low-cost mobile device, running Android Go and buy with cryptocurrencies in a store thanks to the balance included in the equipment.

I share in images and comments of this first look at the device of Kriptomobile 

Key Point To Know

The Krip K55 of Kripto Mobile is a device with a factory cost of around US $ 50, it is made at this price to give opportunity to the smaller budgets of acquiring a smartphone where to have different benefits, download apps, among others . They are low performance, what makes me happy is that they use Android Go Oreo, updated but adapted to compatible devices.

Krip K55 first hand

It is a simple box, without much else, well identified with the brand, the product model and “dash” very clear in print.

krip k55 kripto mobile

It is a simple box, without much else, well identified with the brand, the product model and “dash” very clear in print.

The power adapter is quite sized, the USB input is always very easy to use when it is on the back. If it goes from one side, it is necessary to know which outlet it takes and how to place it so that it is comfortable.

A simple USB cable at one end and the other Micro USB for power and file transfers with computers, is not very extensive, enough.

krip k55 kripto mobile

This is the device, I placed the battery that was in the box, the back cover is very easy to remove and place. The material of the device is plastic, somewhat slippery at the back, but it looks good, very black with few details. Haptic keys for operating Android OS on its front.

When you turn on and reach the initial screen there are Google’s Android Go OS apps, next to the pre-installed Dash, Uphold wallet.

I remind you that this is Android Oreo Go, which is why we get access to microphones and Google apps on the desktop.

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On the back of the device you can see the detail of lines that look for the K55, the camera and a convenient flashlight. The Chamber has no way of touching and focusing, it is at its discretion.

A profile view to get to know you better, the proportion of the 5 ″ screen is comfortable without any lining on.

Much more closely, on one side you have access to power button, volume.

On the back it has 3.5mm headphone jack and Micro-USB for the charging cable. In the internal part there is access to external memory MicroSD and two telephone lines.

It is indeed Android Go Oreo.

At the bottom of the back is the only speaker of the device, there is no stereo sound.

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