How to Open a Bank Account With Zero Investment

It is amazing to know that mobile technology is making an indispensable place in our lives, which provides the necessary things with advice on a daily basis. We fulfill many tasks such as talking, shopping, banking, and more. Talking about banking, the mobile applications provided by banks these days have gone a lot and offer almost all the work, for which we have to go to the bank and update the documents, money transfer, KYC or PAN number and Many others Opening a bank account through a mobile device is not new, but the Federal Bank has stepped up its banking system by stepping up only one selfie with the option to open a bank account with a few steps. Have a look at how this is done:

How to Open a Federal Bank Account


  • A smartphone with Camera at Front.
  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card (Optional)
  • A Smile 🙂

Steps to Open a Federal Bank Account

Download FedBook app from following links for your respective smartphone:

Android  |  iOS (iPhone, iPad and iTouch)  |  Windows Phone  |  Blackberry

Install the app and follow the steps it shows:

  • Enter your phone number.
  • Since it’s the first run of the Fedbook app, it’ll ask you if you want to create a bank account or login into existing account. Select “Open An Account”.
  • Now it’ll ask for select nearby branch of your address. Also it’ll give an option to select from ID’s you have logged on in your phone. Don’t worry, it’s not asking for login via Google or account access, choosing any account shall just fill the row of email. Or you can cancel the email choice pop-up and write the email you want the account to be associated with.
  • Upon selecting branch, proceed, you’ll get an OTP on the number you entered on first step. Enter that OTP.
  • Now, it’ll ask for clicking a Selfie. Click Proceed, camera would open up, click a picture and it’ll show you the preview before proceeding. Then click Proceed.
  • Now, click the front side of Aadhar Card which has your picture and Aadhar card number. and Proceed.
  • As you proceed, it’ll ask for scanning the QR code from Aadhar card. Do that, it’ll verify the details of your clicked Aadhar card via QR code.
  • Now it’ll ask for clicking back side of Aadhar card which has the address of yours. Click and Proceed.
  • Now it’s turn for PAN card. Click and Picture of it and Proceed. While i was opening my account, i didn’t had the PAN card with me. So i skipped this step.
  • Check, Edit and Verify the details, FedBook app picked from your Aadhar card. There could be mistakes while picking the details, so correct those and Proceed.
  • Voila, FedBook shall give you an account number within seconds. It’ll also give you m-passbook pin, using which only you’ll be able to login into your account. Memorize this pin number, write it down or take a screenshot. In case if you forgot the PIN, either clear the data of the application or uninstall the app and install again. Select “Existing Customer” and enter your phone number to register and get a new PIN.
  • Your account is created now. You have completed all steps. Bank shall contact you now with further details.

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