How to Make Money by Playing PUBG

It may seem that video games are a mere entertainment and have nothing to do with real life or the achievements that can be achieved in it. Nothing is further from reality, as several modern researchers have proven that thanks to them, gamers significantly improve their attention span, memory and spatial orientation. The realization of virtual missions develops the logic, the planning capacity and the constancy. Very useful skills to achieve success in real life.

So how this play work ? Yah its a custom room match player app. Its an additional app that you need to download. After download this app you will get a bonus of 10Rs. You can also get additional referral bonus if you refer your friends to that app. This is not the way you earn money. You can earn by joining custom rooms that will available in this app. After joining you need to win the game with the real players. The chicken dinner winner will get the cash from the app.



Download Battle King from Website and Create your Account by entering username as your PUBG username.

Join Game

On the home sceen of Battle King App you can see a list of Upcoming Games. Then join the game and collect PUBG Room ID and Password before 15 minutes of starting the game.

Download App Here

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