How to Check Saudi-Iqama Expiry Date Online

Saudi Arabia issues visas for business and work, visiting for close relatives, and for transit and religious visits for Muslims. All visas must be obtained before arrival (they are not issued in airports, ports or land borders), they require a sponsor and the process for obtaining them may last several weeks, so it is recommended to make the request well in advance.

If you are an expatriate in Saudi Arabia, then Ikama is one of the most important documents you need to have, since it opens many opportunities for you in Saudi Arabia, which includes allowing you to perform professional works, allowing you to perform Hajj and Umrah, D. It is very important check iqama expiry date 2018 and validity date because if you did not renew your Iqama on time then you may face many legal issued in Saudi Arabia. The expiration date for Iqama can be check online just by entering Iqama number only on MOCheck

Check iqama validity and expiry date Online

Follow the below steps to check iqama expiry date of your Ikama, then you can check validity of iqama online. Iqama expiry check is an easy process for which Saudi Government has its own website toquery iqama expiry date. Here i will provide you a step by step guide to understand easily how to check expiry date of iqama. 

Steps to Check Iqama Validity Online

  1. Visit the Ministry of Interior ( website and select English language.
  2. From top menu click on Electronic inquiries option next to E services.I website. Following I am writing an easy tutorial for you to check expiry and validity date for Iqama.
    check iqama expiry date
  3. Click on “Query Iqama Expiry Services”.
  4. Enter Iqama number and CAPTCHA code and click view button.
    check iqama expiry date 2018
  5. Your Iqama’s expiry or validity date will be appear instantly.

One you know the expiry or validity date of your Iqama, make sure to mark the date and renew your Iqama on time.

Abshar : App for checking IQAMA validity

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How to get Saudi Iqama

The last two days have been complicated due to the procedures to obtain the iqama or residence permit, and also for professional issues, which require attention.

The issue of the iqama is a somewhat complicated process. The first thing is to be able to access the country with the work visa, which should not be confused with the business visa. With the latter, you enter and leave the country for a certain period. With the work, it implies that you stay in the country to work, and therefore you must obtain your iqama. If you enter the country with a work visa, and you do not obtain the iqama, the work visa is canceled. Obviously, the process of obtaining a work visa, I can assure you that it is not easy. 

In my company it is not done, but it is normal in Arabia, that if a company hires you, when you start the process of the iqama, they take your passport, which is stored in the company’s safe. The consequence is that you can not leave the country without the permission of the company … with which you are obliged to fulfill the entire duration of the contract. This happens especially to workers in Southeast Asia, which abound.

For the iqama, the support of the company that has hired you in Arabia is required. They require several photos, and copies of the passport, and then send you to the hospital to perform a medical examination. The test is quite simple: blood pressure, weight, height, blood extraction and chest X-rays. These last 2 tests are done to check that you do not bring contagious diseases or anything strange to the country, I think. 
It is assumed that if everything goes well, in a few days, I can have my iqama and thus be able to access more stages of this process of relocation to Arabia.
In this process I have discovered that there are more women working in Arabia than we think. Within the offices of my company there were enough, all with their regulatory abaya, but some with their faces uncovered. In the hospital, there were also many women working, but in this case, perfectly covered, leaving only see the eyes, as well as the cashiers of the supermarkets that there are also enough.
As regards the settlement process, we are still in it, buying what is necessary to be comfortable in the nearby supers, and developing my cooking skills, not without remote help from Spain.
In the compound Sunrise we have a small super, which allows us to access the most basic things we may need during our stay. Not bad. I’ll put some pictures.

On the other hand, I could try the gym, which is quite small, compared to the India, but I think it’s enough for the demand that there may be ….. we’ll see it over the weekend. There is almost everything, but the funny thing is that after running many miles on tape, now I have to measure it in miles …. and lift weight in pounds … in short, in the end everything is a little sweat and disconnect Of the routine.

Little more, to see if the weekend comes and I can dedicate myself to another equally important task: put the washing machine! I still have not been able to. The funny thing is that it is vertical load, American type … I hope it is not very different from our Spanish front-loading. I bought detergent, and also a hanger and tweezers. I do not like to use the dryer, in case the clothes are going to be taken by sack. Obviously, then will come the wonderful task of …….. ironing !!!! And that is going to be spectacular.

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