How To Check If Your Name Is Registered On Voters List

Lok Sabha elections are coming. And as citizens it’s important for all of us to cast our vote. For this, it is important to check if our name is there on the electoral rolls. As to vote in any elections, Lok Sabha or state elections it’s mandatory to have election ID card as well as you name has to be there on electoral rolls.

Wonder how you can check this? You can do it online. Here’s how to check if your name is there on voters list.

How to check if your name is on the voter list?

The Election Commission of India will publish the electoral roll on its website on January 31. So starting February 1, Indian citizens can check whether their names are on the list. As long as you’re mentioned in the electoral rolls, you can show any identity card such as voter’s card or Aadhaar to cast ballot.

  • To check if your name in the voters’ list, visit the National Voters’ Service portal on
  • Select the option at the top left that says ‘Search Your Name in Electoral Roll’
  • You can choose between options: “Search by EPIC number” or “Search by details”, to verify if your name on the portal. EPIC is the number on the voter ID card
  • Select the ‘Search by the EPIC number’ and enter your details and hit the ‘Search’ button
  • Your details will appear in the search result at the bottom of the webpage. If it does not, that means you’re name’s most likely missing from the electoral list
  • You ou can also opt for ‘Search by Details’. The portal will ask you to enter information such as name, age, DoB, state, sex and district. Fill in the details and if your name appears, that means you eligible to vote in your area

You can also check your name in voters list by downloading this app.

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