How to Download & Install Google Cam On Redmi Note 5

How to install the Google or Gcam camera on your Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 to make better photos with HDR +

If you want to download and install Google Cam in your Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, you will have to follow, conscientiously, the steps that we give you next in this tutorial. The Google camera application, GCAM that comes in the Google Pixel have several features that make your photos perfect.

In this Tuto, i have explained the simple steps that need to be followed in order to Install GCAM on Redmi Note 5. If you do something that you should not, or do something wrong, you may be left without a cell phone. The one who warns is not a traitor.

The first thing we need to know to install the Google camera or Gcam on our Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 is that we need to have the bootloader unlocked . In this link we teach you how to do it, a very simple process but it can take you two weeks and months to wait for Xiaomi to give you permission to do it. Once you have it done, we will perform the following process.


We download the files the necessary files to perform the procedure. There are three necessary files,

  • a folder called ‘Platform Tools’,
  • the new recovery file that we will install, called TWRP and
  • the apk of the Gcam application.

In order to install the Gcam in the Xioami Redmi Note 5 we have to activate the API2 of the camera. And for this we need to modify a mobile file. If you make a mess, nothing happens. Follow the steps that we detail at the bottom of the letter and you will see how everything goes well.

We download Platform Tools from this link . Unzip the folder that comes inside the zip and save it on the desktop, inside, in turn, another folder where we put the three necessary files. We can call this GCAM folder. Next we download the TWRP image file in this link and the GCam APK in this other one . We collect the three files together in the same GCAM folder. Next, we take the TWRP file and put it in the ‘Platform Tools’ folder.

Download Google Cam On Redmi Note 5

We see that the ‘Platform Tools’ folder has the TWRP file inside to be able to install the recovery.

Install Google Camera On Redmi Note 5


We recapitulate. We already have Platform Tools with the TWRP file inside and the Gcam APK in the same folder. Let’s go with the most sensitive section of the tutorial.

  • We connect the phone with activated USB debugging. If a message appears on your terminal warning you to activate USB debugging, be sure to activate the switch. We connect the mobile to our PC through the microUSB cable, on, in normal mode, without doing anything else.
  • Next, we go to the folder of the desktop that we have created in which we have the different files. Press uppercase key or SHIFT + right button on the ‘Platform Tools’ folder . In the pop-up window you should see ‘Command Prompt’. We press and a CMD command window will open.
  • Now, in the command window, let’s write the following ‘adb devices’ (without quotes). If all goes well, it should appear written ‘list of devices attached’ as it appears in the following screenshot. If a connected mobile does not appear, we must type ‘exit’ (without quotes), close the window, disconnect the mobile from the PC and start again in point 1.
  • If you see the connected mobile now we must write in the command window, remember, without quotes, ‘adb reboot bootloader’. The terminal will restart, automatically, in ‘FASTBOOT’ mode .
  • Now we place the third command. In this case, it is the command that will install the TWRP recovery in our terminal, which, remember, must be inside the ‘Platform Tools’ folder. We write, without quotes, ‘fastboot boot twrp.img’.
Google Camera Download File For Redmi Note 5


Now we go to our mobile. On the screen you will see the TWRP recovery logo . Wait until it changes and it looks like we see in the screenshots. Next, we have to press ‘Keed read only’ and that new screen that we see below will appear.

We re-enter the ‘adb devices’ command to verify that the terminal is still correctly connected. If yes, we will write ‘ adb shell ‘. Some symbols will appear.

What comes next is VERY IMPORTANT. We will have to write, then, without quotes and EXACTLY THIS, ‘ setprop 1′ . Such as that, but without quotes or bold. You can copy and paste the command in the notebook and then, from here, copy and paste in the command window. To paste this order in the command window just click on that window with the right mouse button and it will be automatically pasted.

Once you have assured yourself that you have set exactly what we have indicated, press enter. The symbols of the previous capture will reappear.

Now type ‘exit’ to exit the ‘adb shell’ correctly. To reboot the terminal we write ‘adb reboot’ and that’s it. The mobile will reboot itself and we can close the command window. Now, wait for everything to go well and the terminal to restart normally.

Now type ‘exit’ to exit the ‘adb shell’ correctly. To reboot the terminal we write ‘adb reboot’ and that’s it. The mobile will reboot itself and we can close the command window. Now, wait for everything to go well and the terminal to restart normally.


Now we are going to install the Gcam application in our Xioami Redmi Note 5 terminal. Since we still have the phone connected to our PC, we take the opportunity to pass the APK file that we have in the GCAM desktop folder to our mobile. To activate the transfer of files, we lower the curtain of notifications and click on ‘ Charging this device by USB ‘. A small lower window will open where we will have to choose ‘Transfer files’.

We now open our file explorer. In the main screen we press the icon of the ‘APK’ and, in this screen, we see the downloaded application. We press, we grant the necessary permissions for the installation and ready.

Now we can open our GCam in which everything works correctly, the panorama, the slow motion, the photo sphere and even the front portrait mode. Now, go outside to take pictures!

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