Find Who Tries To Unlock Your Android Phone With Photo

Intruder Selfie ™ lets you see who has tried to unlock your device easily without your permission.

Companion jealous? Do you think someone is looking at your phone quickly without paying attention? Do not worry with the Selfie ™ Intruder, you will know at any time who opens your device!

Intruder Selfie ™ takes a picture of anyone entering an incorrect password. Then you can see their pictures in the gallery.

How to use

  1. Enable the device administrator
  2. When someone is turning on the device, a picture is taken. You can see it in the app.

This application uses the Device Administrator permission. We need this to detect failed attempts to open. To uninstall this app, touch Uninstall in the list. If this does not work, go to your Android and security settings and device administrators and disable Intruder Selfie before uninstalling.

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