How to Download and Play Pubg in Samsung Galaxy j2

If you like  PUBG Mobile  but it does not work very well on your Samsung Galaxy J2, do not worry. Tencent Games is starting to launch  PUBG Mobile Lite for Samsung Galaxy J2 , a version intended to work on mid-range and low-end phones. at the moment it is only available in the Thailand.

how to download pubg for samsung galaxy j2
how to download pubg for samsung galaxy j2

PUBG Mobile Lite: Enjoy the almost complete experience of PUBG Mobile in your Samsung Galaxy j2.

Despite the launch of  Fortnite for Android , a game that is taking most of the attention over the past few months, we must not forget  PUBG , the previous popular game with battle royale style  . With greater speed than the Epic Gamesgame  , PUBG has an Android version for several months, which can also be enjoyed for free on a wide variety of phones.

PUBG Mobile  does not require large specifications to work well. Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher in relation to the operating system, 2 GB of RAM or more, and 36 MB available to download the installer – it occupies more the complete game. From there, there is not much problem to work on several devices, because it supports three levels of graphics that adapt to several terminals.

pubg game download for samsung j2
pubg game download for samsung j2

But, of course, it will not always work as it should in Samsung Galaxy J2 or Samsung Galaxy J2 pro. Because of this, Tencent Games has decided to launch  PUBG Mobile Lite , a reduced version of the game designed to work Pubg game on Samsung Galaxy J2 and Pro. 

Limitations in Playing Pubg in Samsung J2

  • 40 players at the same time instead of 100.
  • 2x2km maps, reduced in size.
  • Faster action (as a consequence of the previous two points).
pubg mobile download for samsung j2 pro
pubg mobile download for Samsung j2 pro

And, for the rest, it’s the same game. By having to represent fewer players and less map, the game must process fewer graphics, which in turn means that it will work with fewer resources. It is not specified, however, how much  less RAM  is needed, so it could be 1 GB or 1.5 GB. You can Download Pubg for Samsung Galaxy j2 and will work fine.

Pubg for Samsung j2 : Lite Version

At the moment,  PUBG Mobile Lite for Samsung Galaxy J2 is available in beta form in the Philippines and thailand. The testing will remain reserved to this territory for a time, but the progress will be passed to the final version when it is released. Does that mean you can not play it anymore? If you can. You need to download the apk file from this APK pure, and use a VPN to change the country from which you connect to the Philippines or Thailand. It is not the most comfortable or recommended method, but it is the only valid one at the moment if you really want to play now.


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